Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Trip to the Dentist

Tessa had her first trip to the dentist this past week. She is only 23 months, but her teeth seemed long overdue for a cleaning! For some reason, Tessa just hates brushing her teeth. Josh and I have to chase her around the house and then we catch her, we have to pin her down in order to get the tooth brush in her mouth. She wiggles around the whole time and usually screams and cries. Even when I am able to get the brush in her mouth, her bottom teeth don't get much attention because she has this trick of putting her tongue over her teeth to where I can't get to them. Needless to say, Tessa had what I thought was some major decay on her teeth!

Well when we got to the dentist, I told her all of my concerns and kind of prepared her for what she was about to see. She looked around for a couple minutes and said that Tessa had no decay, just stained teeth. She said that some kids are prone to stain and Tessa must be one of them. That was a BIG relief for me! They sent me to the waiting room so that they could polish her teeth and make them look pretty:) Another mom was sitting out there with her kids and said Wow, someone's not happy. I told her that would be my child. Tessa was back in the back screaming bloody murder the whole time. All was well when they brought her out though. She had a purple kitty cat with whiskers, a smile on her face, and sparkling teeth!

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