Saturday, May 23, 2009

wisdom teeth

Oh how I have been dreading for years and years getting my wisdom teeth out. I guess that is why I'm 29 and still hadn't done it. Well, I probably would have kept putting it off, but one decided to pop through and I thought I better get these out before I turn up pregnant and then start having problems with them mid-way through. That would be no fun! So yesterday, Friday, was the big day. I was SO nervous! We left Tessa with the Robertson's...that was a huge help! Josh and I got there signed the release forms and the next thing I knew I was waking up and going home. I really didn't enjoy day 1. It was so hard to take all of the pain meds when you have gauze all up in your gums. The dentist said to leave that in when I ate or drank for the first day and I had a real problem with that! Day 2, though it's not good, is better and I hopefully have good clots. I am Starving and it's so hard for me to eat! I know I'm going to lose 5 pounds, which I'd rather not do, but I don't know what else to do....eating just sounds so unappealing right now. Well hopefully I'll make more progress each day and start feeling more comfortable. Thanks so much to Josh for keeping Tessa occupied and fed! I'm so glad it's Memorial Day weekend so that he gets to be home an extra day!!!

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