Saturday, June 6, 2009

Company coming.....

This is Tessa right before Nana, Sissy, Jack, and Trevor arrived. She was SO excited they were coming! Her and Jack are finally at the age where they play so well together. I was in real need of a break because of my darn foot still not letting me walk. I knew that Jack being here was going to occupy Tessa a lot! The first couple of days of the visit we just hung out at our house. The kids went to the playground a few times and we visited the splash park. I really thought that Jack was going to love the splash park, but he was hesitant of it just like Tessa. They still enjoyed watching the water and playing on the playground anyway. Day 2, Nana and Sissy took Jack and Tessa to the pool and I stayed home with Trevor. It was Tessa's first visit to the pool this summer and it showed. She was not really all that excited about getting in, but boy when it was time to leave, she did NOT want to go! That was fit #1. On Day 3, we all went to Incredible Pizza to let the kids play some games. Tessa was a bit scared of riding the toddler rides, but she did like the games. We stayed for about an hour and when it was time to go came fit #2 and it was a BIG one! She has a hard time leaving places that she likes... Overall, we had a fun time and it was so nice having them here. We can't wait until they come again!

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  1. We can't wait to come again!!! Thanks for having us. We had a blast. Jack loves playing with Tess!!!! They are super cute together! Oh & I love your house...I don't know if I ever told you that.