Monday, June 8, 2009

Two more weeks....

I can't believe that two weeks from Saturday my baby will be two. Though the past two years have been totally crazy for our family, they have been the best two years of my life. A lot has changed since Tessa's arrival... Tessa, you have lived in 4 different homes in your short 2 years and attended 4 different churches...that might be a record! We're glad to finally be settled and we promise to stay put for a while:)! Tessa has been such a blessing to us and I never thought I could love her as much as I do.

Things you love.....
Your sucker which you're only supposed to have at're a little sneaky at times!
Read books... Favorites are This Little Piggy, My Baby Elephant, and Toes Ears and Nose.
Pet/Hit Toby and Ellie... they're not really all that fond of you, but you don't know that:)
Empty out select drawers
Watch Little People, Pooh, and Barney
Play in your sandbox and water table
Kick and throw the ball
Play "I get you" with daddy
Go to the park
talk about Jack

Things you like to eat....
Cookies (nilla wafers and animal crackers)
"Snackies" (Pretty much any snacky cracker)
grapies and blueberries
whole tomatoes
ice cream
Macaroni and Cheese

Tessa has quite the vocabulary. She is now starting to put words together to make phrases. She is also starting to remember family members names. By 18 months she knew all of her letters and sounds...not in ABC order, but she was able to recognize all of them and sound them out. She can count to 14 in english and 8 in spanish...not sure how she learned that. It was so funny the other day I had to stop and listen and I said to she counting in spanish? Sure enough she did it again and I couldn't imagine how she picked that up... She knows most of her basic shapes and colors and loves to do puzzles. I think she is going to be one smart cookie!

Though Tessa seems to be becoming a "big" girl, she still seems like a baby to me. I remember working with the older ones and young twos just last year and thinking how big they seemed. Now that it's our turn to be that age, she just doesn't seem all that big. I guess it's safe to say that no matter how old she gets I'll always think of Tessa as my baby.

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