Sunday, July 12, 2009

Visit from Poppa and Noni

This past weekend we had Tessa's Poppa and Noni in town from San Antonio. We had a lot of fun:) They got in on Thursday and we just hung out and ate dinner. I made a new enchiladas, mexican rice, and guacamole and I think it was a hit! We took Tessa to the splash park after dinner and just spent time catching up. Friday morning, after Dad did some yard work, we went to several antique stores in downtown Jenks. The best one we found was River City Trading Post. Becca and I bought some really cool antique windows that we later decorated with scrapbook paper. It turned out really cute...I love them! Thursday afternoon while Tessa napped, we went shopping for the scrapbook paper and some other fun stuff for the house. That night we went to the Riverwalk and ate at Los Cabos. It was so hot, but fun! Saturday, we headed to the mall for Tessa to play on the "een ground." Of course we did some shopping too while we were there:) Friday afternoon, we all rested some and then we ordered pizza for dinner. Of course, dad had his usual hot oatmeal cookies after every meal. He has come to expect them when he comes for his visits:) Sunday morning, they headed out to make the 9 hour trip home. It was great having them. Tessa really enjoyed playing in the hole, horsie, and hand jive with Poppa and dancing in the kitchen with Noni. She really loved and now misses both her Noni and Poppa!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Trip

So this year, we decided to head down to Grand Prairie to celebrate the 4th. It was kind of a last minute decision. My sister was all but begging us to come and I know how much my mom loves the's her second favorite holiday to Thanksgiving. We loaded up Thursday afternoon and made the 5 hour trek. We watched lots of movies and her and daddy created the woodpecker game. Friday morning we got up bright and early and went down to the lake. We spent the morning on the water in the boat. Aunt Sissy tried to tube with Tessa, but Tessa didn't especially like it. ( I knew she would be scared out of her mind, but we gave it a shot:) ) Daddy did some crazy tubing too. We also went to the Joe Pool beach area to cool off for a little while. Friday night we had the whole family over for dinner. Mom made Lasagna and Grandma brought her famous chocolate cake. YUMMY! It was so fun hanging out with everyone. Saturday morning we decided to all go to the pool. Tessa kind of had a hard time at first getting in, but warmed up to the water after we broke out the toys. I think she was having thoughts of the lake the day before which pretty much freaked her out! Jack swam in his tube like a little fishy. We had fun just hanging out. Saturday night it was dinner and then off to watch the lake fireworks. Tessa's great grandpa, kept the kids entertained while we waited for them to start. All in all it was a fun weekend and we're glad to have made the trip!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tessa's two year well check

Tessa went to see Dr. Raley for her 2 year well check. She is still my big girl! She was 36.5 inches which puts her in the 96% for height and she weighed 28 pounds 8 oz which puts her in the 74% for weight. She is starting to thin out. She hasn't even gained a full pound since her 18 month check up. She weighed 27 pounds 10 ounces back in December. She did really well at the doctor, better than ever before!! Best of all, we had no shots this trip!

Nana's Visit

Tessa's Nana came in town for the big birthday weekend. Tessa really enjoyed her visit and I can tell that she is really getting to know Nana well. We did a lot of fun things. Of course we had fun on her birthday, we also went swimming, on lots of walks, to the playground, shopping, and just hung out in the backyard with her new water table that Nana brought. We had a fun time:) I'm just so glad that Tessa and Nana had some quality time together. It's so fun to see Tessa really knowing and remembering who people are that she doesn't see on a daily basis. I think Nana liked that too!

Birthday Girl!

Tessa had a really great birthday! We started the day by opening a few presents at home. Tessa really liked her sunglasses from Mimi and Papa! Next we went to pick Nana up at the airport. Tessa was really excited to see her:) From there, we all went to Toys R Us and picked out a new bike that Mimi and Papa had sent us a gift card for. Tessa really likes it and we have already gone on several walks with it:) Next we went to the mall so Tessa could play while we picked up her cookie cake. Then it was home for lunch and naps. When Tessa woke up, we assembled her bike and then it was party time! We had a few friends come over with their kids and we had dinner and cake. Then we went to the splash park and playground to play. Tessa had a really fun 2nd birthday!