Thursday, August 13, 2009

Big Girl Bed

This past Saturday night, Tessa was a bit unhappy. She was having a bit of a temper tantrum and refused to get in her crib. She was saying big bed big bed. I asked her if she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed and she immediately stopped crying and said o.k., pink bed.

Tessa started up on the top bed and went right to sleep. I hadn't planned on moving her to her new bed until this winter, so I haven't gotten a side rail yet. I was pretty nervous she would fly right off that bed. We left the bottom bed pulled out just in case and sure enough when I went to check on her about 2am, she was on the bottom bed. I guess it didn't bother her, she didn't make a peep.

5 days have passed and she is still sleeping in her pink bed and refusing the crib. I only wish she would be that decisive about potty training!

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