Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Girl

Tessa is becoming such a sweet heart....I just love her more and more every day! She tells us all the time I love you and she's always wanting to give us hugs. I just love my little Baboo:)
She is becoming much better about playing with her toys. She likes to play with her dollhouse, her dolls, her kitchen, her shopping cart and stroller. She loves to make food for us, play with play-do, loves to color and do art, enjoys all things active, she's really into a lot of the toys I got her to play with as a baby, but never did....her activity table, shape sorters, ring stackers.

She is becoming so verbal. She's always had a lot of words, but is now talking in phrases and able to tell us her feelings more. She knows her letters, colors, numbers into the teens and seems to pick up something new everyday.
She still loves her milk; a.k.a pie shake, her paci-fier, her weedabutter (peanut butter) sandwich, her vitamins, cheese, tomatoes, peaches, and bananas.

She is definitely still a strong willed child and has her share of fits, but they are starting to get shorter and she is able to listen to reasoning better.

She is such a precious little girl and I wouldn't trade her for anything!

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