Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tessa's first day of preschool

Today I dropped Tessa off for her first day of preschool. She walked right in the room with no problem. Usually when we drop her off in the room across the hall for Sunday School she cries for a few minutes, but not today. She must have been ready! Her teachers are Ms. Ann and Ms. Melinda. They are both really sweet and I know that Tessa will grow to really love them. When I picked her up she couldn't stop telling me all of the things she did. She definitely remembered her friend from Sunday School, Jackson....She said his name about 5 times. She told me she ate apples and they were good....I've never been able to get her to eat apples:) She said she played and moved. She said she colored and played with blocks. There was more...I just can't remember it all. In any case, I think she's definitely going to have a fun time this year!

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  1. Sounds like preschool is going to be fun and great for her!