Friday, October 9, 2009

Videos for Daddy

Josh went to Shanghai to work for a couple of weeks and so Tessa, Toby, and I packed up and headed to Texas. We went to Grand Prairie for half the time and San Antonio the other half. It was so fun seeing everybody. Tessa got to see all of her grandparents which can be kind of confusing for a 2 year old remembering 8 different names. Nana and Poppy; Noni and Poppa; Mimi and PawPaw; and Grandma and Grandpa. She did pretty well and really only mixed up 2 of the names. We missed Josh while he was away, but got to talk to him every day. We didn't do a whole lot on our trip. It rained the WHoLE time we were gone it seemed. It was just nice hanging out with everyone.

video with Great Grandpa and his glasses

Tessa talking to daddy:)

Thursday, October 1, 2009


The past two nights when we have put Tessa to bed she has said the sweetest thing. After we read her a story and said prayers, we gave her a kiss and told her we love her.....then Tessa said "I want more kisses:)" ......So sweet!

Two nights later, we had already put her to bed and we were in our room getting Josh packed up for his trip to China. A few minutes later we hear Tessa over the baby monitor saying "I need more kisses." She loves her kisses!

Dance Party

Each night we have a new thing Tessa likes to do. We know it's time when she starts saying "dance party." She stands up on the fireplace mantle...she calls that her stage...and she asks us to sing. She uses her play-do roller and she bangs on the bricks and dances....really just bounces. When we're done with the song, she gives us a standing ovation. It's so cute and fun to see her doing things like this and using her imagination more!

BTW: the orange pants are what she calls her pumpkin pants. She is going to be a pumpkin for halloween and that day I tried on her outfit and she refused to take her "pumpkin pants" off. Good thing we didn't have to go anywhere that afternoon!