Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"szit ready yet"

Tessa's new phrase ...she combines it and is to make a word like szit and says "szit ready yet?" She says this ALL the time! In the mornings I usually ask her what she wants for breakfast...her reply is "szit ready yet?" Last night I was making a cake to surprise daddy with for his birthday. She saw me put it in the oven and one minute later she was asking her new favorite question..."szit ready yet?" She ended up asking me about 10 times and then started to throw a fit until I walked her in the kitchen, opened the oven, and showed her that the cake was not ready just yet.

Another cute thing she is saying is "you'll never find it now." She loves to watch Dora and that is something the Swiper says. If I ask her to give me something that she's holding she'll attempt to hide it and then say "You'll never find it now." I have to keep myself from laughing when she says that since she's really not obeying:)

One more thing I thought was cute happened yesterday. Josh had been gone for 7 nights to China. Tessa and I went to the grocery store last night to get some things before he got home. On our way to the store Tessa said "Where'd Daddy go?" I thought that was so funny...she's usually such a daddy's girl, but for the past 7 days she had made no mention of where daddy was. It was like it just hit her after a week that daddy was gone.

Oh...one more thing,, my mom always calls Tessa by her first and middle name, Tessa Claire. Last time we were visiting her Tessa corrected her and said no It's Tessa Woo Woo. I guess we've called Tessa, Tessa Loo for so long that Tessa thinks that's her name:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Play, play, play...

Tessa playing with her Snap n' Style dolls

random picture of Tessa

My little Cinderella

Princess Tessa

Snow White

Tessa has really enjoyed dressing up and playing with her new toys. It's so fun to see her using her imagination. She loves to be a princess and dance on the fireplace while we sing songs. Her favorite song is as she says Happy and you Know it. She is also enjoying her princess and pony books, dolls, and ponies. She is becoming such a big girl!:(

Christmas Pictures with Mommy

One of my two favorite little girls....
I love my Tessa!

Tessa holding her favorite present...she couldn't wait to open that pony!

Tessa playing games with Mommy

Tessa and I rarely get a picture where she is looking at the camera with a smile on her face so I had to document this! Tessa was so excited about Christmas this year...
she new she was getting my little ponies and she just couldn't wait to open them. We also tried this year to talk to Tessa about the baby Jesus and the Christmas story. We bought the Little People Nativity Set and she really enjoyed playing with it. I don't know how much she got out of our talks, but she does seem to understand that Christmas is Jesus' birthday....that's a start:)

Christmas in San Antonio

Tessa and one of her cousins, Kylen, playing his DS
bounce house slide

Mommy and Tessa playing computer games

Tessa playing dress up with Poppa

We stayed for almost a week in San Antonio. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. Josh's younger brother and his family were there so Tessa got to play with 2 of her cousins, Kylen and Keegan. She got to see Mimi and Pawpaw and Poppa, Noni, and Aunt Rachel. Tessa went to her first big bounce house and had fun playing with the big kids. We did some shopping, went to Chuck E Cheese, and just hung out. It was a fun trip! Josh and I also got to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. We went to dinner at PFChangs and then went to see the Blind Side. It was so fun getting to go out on a date....I think it had been a year since our last.


Christmas in Grand Prairie

Opening presents with Daddy
Tessa feeding her new baby

Tessa and her great grandma

On the first end of our trip to Texas we had Christmas with Nana and Poppy. Tessa had a lot of fun. We went to the Prairie Lights and drove through and Tessa rode on the fastest carousel I've ever seen. We opened presents with Tessa's cousin and the rest of the family. Tessa got a Pony house, a baby doll with outfits clothes, color wonder books, snap n' style dolls, a big green chair, and a dress up outfit. She really enjoyed opening presents and was very excited about Christmas this year! I wish I had more pictures with Nana and Poppy, Sissy and Jack....:(

Road Trip...

For Christmas this year we headed to San Antonio. It was a long trip, but we broke it up by staying a couple of nights in Grand Prairie on both ends of the trip. Tessa did great in the car. She enjoyed her books, movies, and of course, her ponies. She's so cute with her glasses. She likes to wear them every time we get in the car:)

Santa on the Roof

Our friends, the Hedgecocks, invited several families over from our church for their annual Santa on the Roof. Santa walked over the roof of their house and called each child's name and dropped them a goody bag. Besides the frigid temperatures, it was a lot of fun. Tessa seemed to really enjoy seeing Santa, but of course, wouldn't let him hold her in a picture.