Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"szit ready yet"

Tessa's new phrase ...she combines it and is to make a word like szit and says "szit ready yet?" She says this ALL the time! In the mornings I usually ask her what she wants for breakfast...her reply is "szit ready yet?" Last night I was making a cake to surprise daddy with for his birthday. She saw me put it in the oven and one minute later she was asking her new favorite question..."szit ready yet?" She ended up asking me about 10 times and then started to throw a fit until I walked her in the kitchen, opened the oven, and showed her that the cake was not ready just yet.

Another cute thing she is saying is "you'll never find it now." She loves to watch Dora and that is something the Swiper says. If I ask her to give me something that she's holding she'll attempt to hide it and then say "You'll never find it now." I have to keep myself from laughing when she says that since she's really not obeying:)

One more thing I thought was cute happened yesterday. Josh had been gone for 7 nights to China. Tessa and I went to the grocery store last night to get some things before he got home. On our way to the store Tessa said "Where'd Daddy go?" I thought that was so funny...she's usually such a daddy's girl, but for the past 7 days she had made no mention of where daddy was. It was like it just hit her after a week that daddy was gone.

Oh...one more thing,, my mom always calls Tessa by her first and middle name, Tessa Claire. Last time we were visiting her Tessa corrected her and said no It's Tessa Woo Woo. I guess we've called Tessa, Tessa Loo for so long that Tessa thinks that's her name:)

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  1. So cute! They really are fun at this age. Kate is cracking me up lately, too!