Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three years old...

Tessa, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday, you were the baby in our family, and now you are becoming the big girl. You have brought so much joy to my life over the past 3 years and I never knew a mommy could love her baby so much until I had you. I can't imagine my life without you! You have taught me so much and continue to do so every day. Thank you for being my little tooneroona.

Things you are up to...

You Love to play with ....
Ponies...(my little ponies) Starsong and Rainbow Dash are your favorites!
Strawberry Shortcake
Color Wonders
Your little sister!!! You're always up for entertaining Lyla with rattles.
Dress up clothes

~You're becoming quite the fishy in the swimming pool. You love to swim with your floaties!
~You love to watch DVD's...mainly just switch them out every 5 minutes.
~Your favorite shows on tv are Ni Hao Kai Lan, Olivia, and Wow Wow Wubbzy.
~You love when Daddy lets you sip his coke.
~You love to dress tell me "I'm stylish"
~You always want a bow in your hair and you even call the little bow on your panties a say the hairbow goes in the front:)
~You're starting to be a bit bossy...we're working on that!
~You get a quarter in your piggy bank each night that you had a good day. Since we started this, you've had a lot more good days!!!
~You're still a great sleeper and napper.
~ You hate the garage door and the air conditioner scares you every time.
~ You love to talk about ballet and do tooneroonas, but you also seem a little ton-boyish...we'll have to wait and see on that one...
~ You love to go to Target and Reasors....You're getting so easy to shop with, which is a HUGE change!
~You love to play in my make~up and put on my necklaces.

You're truly becoming sweeter every day and I can't wait to see what God has in store for your life. I feel lucky to be your mom and I'm so glad you're my baby!! Thanks for being our sweet girl. We love you way behind the back:)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lyla at 4 months...

Lyla is getting to such a fun phase! She's develolping quite a personality and it's so cute to see:) She loves to be held and stand straight up on your legs. She just looks at you and grins and makes little cooing noises. She loves to giggle and is finally starting to laugh when you tickle her. She is rolling over the second she gets put down on her tummy. She talks outloud especially in the car on her way to sleep. She unfortunately is not sleepin all night. Other than the sleep issue, she's a pretty easy baby. She loves playing with her sister and watching all she can do, she's a drooler and loves to chew on toys, she she loves to focus on the tv when it's on, she has fun in the swimming pool, and she loves her exersaucer!

She's mostly a momma's girl right now. I have to enjoy it while I can, because I know that won't last for long. Josh was watching the girls the other night while I went to bible study. I came home to Lyla screaming at 9 o' clock and he said she had been that way for a while. I picked her up and held her for a couple of minutes and put her in bed and she fell right to sleep. Josh wondered how I did that... I guess she just didn't want to go to bed without seeing her mommy:)

4 months has come and gone way too fast!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lyla is getting big!

Lyla started out so teeny tiny! She was 7 lb. and 18 inches. All of her percentages were so small... Her head was at 8% and her length and weight were both in the 20's and 30's for percentages. Every where I go, friends always say how petite she is and little. I thought so too, but she is definitely growing up! By 4 months old, things have definitely changed! Her head went from the 8th percentile to the 97th percentile! Her length shot up to 98th percentile and her weight at the 48th percentile. She's a long skinny baby with a rather large head! She's so cute though...and a really good baby! The 10 weeks of coclick every single evening was not a whole lot of fun, but other than that, she has been a really great baby!

Kiddie Park

This summer, we went to the kiddie park in Bartlesville. We went last summer for the first time. It's a really fun place for toddlers with lots of old fashioned rides. It has boats, cars, swings, a carousel, a couple of small roller coasters, a train, and a ferris wheel. Tessa LOVES it! It's cheap entertainment at only 25cents per ride! This year we went with Tessa's friends, Hudson and Parker. Lyla was a trooper and hung in there for most of the evening. She started getting fussy every time we we were near the roller coaster. It was loud and creaky, and there was lots of people screaming... She was not a big fan! It was a late night ...we didn't get home till 11 and we had church the next morning. We had fun, but it will be even more fun when Lyla is able to enjoy it too!


Tessa's favorite word as a two and a half/three year old is tooneroona. She loves to do tooneroonas in the living room or just about anywhere. She calls her pretty dolls tooneroonas too. Her definition of a tooneroona anything having to do with ballet. It's really cute and though I know it won't happen, I hope she never stops using that phrase!

Happy Camper!

Tessa went to Happy Camp this summer so that she could get away for a while and have some fun with friends. She had so much fun! They had a different theme every day ...watermelon day, water day, bear day, orange day, hat day... She loves her friends from school and had a great time!

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July we headed down to Dallas. We spent the first day with Noni and Poppa. Noni hadn't met Lyla yet, so that was fun for them to get spend some time with the girls. The rest of the weekend, we spent at Nana's house. We saw my grandparents, Nana and Poppy, Sissy and Russell and the boys. We had fun hanging out. Tessa enjoyed the boat a whole lot this time and really got into swimming in the lake. She didn't treat it any differently than a pool...she and Josh were all over the place. I stayed on the boat with Lyla ...I'm not much of a lake person anyway. It was a fun weekend and great seeing everyone!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tessa turns three!

For Tessa's birthday this year, we decided to have a joint birthday party with her best friend up the street, Parker. Their birthdays are only a week apart and we have the same friends that we wanted to invite. The party was across the street from our house at the splash park. It was fun for the kids, but very hot!!! I think next year, we're going to have to find a cooler place for a summer party! Lots of friends came and Nana and Aunt Sissy, Jack and Trevor were there too.

Tessa got so many new things for her 3rd birthday that she has loved playing with! She got a new princess bike with training wheels from Nana and Poppy. She got an art easel from Mimi and PaPa. She got a princess cash register from Sissy, Jack, and Trevor. She got Legos from her great grandparents. And college money from Noni and Poppa. We gave her an aquadoodle, a my little pony carousel, Tinkerbell, Toy Story, and Strawberry Shortcake Movies, and a new snap and style doll.

Tessa had a fun day on her actual birthday. We went swimming, went out for lunch and then made cupcakes with sprinkles for that night. It was a fun day!

Swimming Lessons

This June we put Tessa into a two week swimming lesson class at ORU. A little background information....Tessa is not much for baths... she HATES getting her hair wet, pretty much screams the whole bath. Needless to say, we don't enjoy bathing our child. So...we weren't so sure how swimming lessons was going to go. Day one was not so great. Tessa had 4 other friends in her class and 2 teachers. Pretty much all of the kids in her class and the younger class right next to her were screaming the whole hour. Tessa actually wasn't that bad, but I didn't feel like she was going to learn anything in that kind of environment. My 2 friends, Jessica, Tricia, and I were all about ready to pull our kids out, but we decided to hang in there to see if it got better. I'm so glad we waited, because it ended up really helping Tessa get used to the water and not be afraid of getting wet. She learned to float on her back, with help, jump off the diving board, kick, blow bubbles and had a great time! Now when we take her swimming, she wears her floaties and I feel pretty confident in her to be on her own as long as I'm watching. She is all over the pool swimming around and the best part of all is bath time is no longer an issue!

Breaking old habits...

In the weeks following Lyla's arrival, Tessa met two big milestones! First we went to the dentist like she has done since she was one. The dentist mentioned it might be a good idea to go ahead and take away the pacifier, which Tessa oh so dearly loved!! I knew this wasn't going to go over well so I decided ok, cold turkey, let's do it. It was a Tuesday morning so I took it out of her backpack and so her first experience sleeping without a paci was going to be at nap time at school. I thought it would be easier on her at school...sort of like I just forgot to put it in her bag that day. BAD MOVE! I got a call around nap time from her teachers asking if I could bring her paci up...she was having a major meltdown without it. I told them that we're trying to give it up and so they said ok, we'll just help her deal... That night Josh slept with her on the low bed and she asked for it quite a bit, but made it through without it. The next couple of nights were a little better and better and she never saw the paci again!

Second milestone was about 5 weeks after Lyla's birth... Tessa yelled out one night "I need a new diaper" after I had already put her in bed. I went in and checked her diaper and it was dry so I asked her if she needed to go potty and her answer was yes....anything to get out of bed! I took her to the potty and she sat and sat and sat. 20 minutes later when I was about to make her get back into bed, I heard what was music to my ears....she pottied! I decided right then that we were going to go with it and have potty boot camp until she was trained. The first few days were NO fun at all. We stayed home and I asked her every 15 minutes to try. Each day got better and better and we went longer stretches between tries. She did great and of course I was so glad to have that behind us!

Lyla's arrival

Lyla Jane Summerlin was born on Wednesday March 17th, 2010 at 2:37 in the afternoon. I was induced at 8 am that morning. and had pretty strong contractions up until I received my epidural at 1:30 pm. Needless to say, I was very ready for my epidural! Unfortunately, the medicine didn't work nearly as well as it did with Tessa. The anesthesiologist had to keep adding more and more medicine because I was still feeling pain. Finally, 15 minutes after he had the epidural as good as he could, Lyla arrived! She was completely healthy 7lbs even and 18". She was such a pretty newborn, we all thought...very dainty:) The hospital stay was good, but tiring! We were all ready to come home!

At home waiting for us was Nana and big sister, Tessa! They greeted us when we arrived home Friday at one in the afternoon. Tessa was very sweet and wanted to hold Lyla. The very next day, Lyla saw her first snowstorm!

From the start, Tessa has done really well adjusting to having a new baby at home. She never acted jealous or had much trouble adjusting. In the first few days, Josh and Tessa spent a lot of quality time together so she didn't feel left out. Lyla brought home a big pony Starsong doll with a paci and a bottle for her big sister. I think that helped Tessa like Lyla even more!