Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking old habits...

In the weeks following Lyla's arrival, Tessa met two big milestones! First we went to the dentist like she has done since she was one. The dentist mentioned it might be a good idea to go ahead and take away the pacifier, which Tessa oh so dearly loved!! I knew this wasn't going to go over well so I decided ok, cold turkey, let's do it. It was a Tuesday morning so I took it out of her backpack and so her first experience sleeping without a paci was going to be at nap time at school. I thought it would be easier on her at school...sort of like I just forgot to put it in her bag that day. BAD MOVE! I got a call around nap time from her teachers asking if I could bring her paci up...she was having a major meltdown without it. I told them that we're trying to give it up and so they said ok, we'll just help her deal... That night Josh slept with her on the low bed and she asked for it quite a bit, but made it through without it. The next couple of nights were a little better and better and she never saw the paci again!

Second milestone was about 5 weeks after Lyla's birth... Tessa yelled out one night "I need a new diaper" after I had already put her in bed. I went in and checked her diaper and it was dry so I asked her if she needed to go potty and her answer was yes....anything to get out of bed! I took her to the potty and she sat and sat and sat. 20 minutes later when I was about to make her get back into bed, I heard what was music to my ears....she pottied! I decided right then that we were going to go with it and have potty boot camp until she was trained. The first few days were NO fun at all. We stayed home and I asked her every 15 minutes to try. Each day got better and better and we went longer stretches between tries. She did great and of course I was so glad to have that behind us!

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