Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kiddie Park

This summer, we went to the kiddie park in Bartlesville. We went last summer for the first time. It's a really fun place for toddlers with lots of old fashioned rides. It has boats, cars, swings, a carousel, a couple of small roller coasters, a train, and a ferris wheel. Tessa LOVES it! It's cheap entertainment at only 25cents per ride! This year we went with Tessa's friends, Hudson and Parker. Lyla was a trooper and hung in there for most of the evening. She started getting fussy every time we we were near the roller coaster. It was loud and creaky, and there was lots of people screaming... She was not a big fan! It was a late night ...we didn't get home till 11 and we had church the next morning. We had fun, but it will be even more fun when Lyla is able to enjoy it too!


  1. I want to take Cole some time soon. What time does it open? Do you know the website? Tessa is such a pretty girl, BTW, as if you didn't know!

  2. Thanks:)! I'm not sure the hours, but it's I think. Send me your blog info. again when you have a chance so I can keep up with your blog. I've finally gotten back into tracking things...Obviously, I'm way behind!