Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lyla at 4 months...

Lyla is getting to such a fun phase! She's develolping quite a personality and it's so cute to see:) She loves to be held and stand straight up on your legs. She just looks at you and grins and makes little cooing noises. She loves to giggle and is finally starting to laugh when you tickle her. She is rolling over the second she gets put down on her tummy. She talks outloud especially in the car on her way to sleep. She unfortunately is not sleepin all night. Other than the sleep issue, she's a pretty easy baby. She loves playing with her sister and watching all she can do, she's a drooler and loves to chew on toys, she she loves to focus on the tv when it's on, she has fun in the swimming pool, and she loves her exersaucer!

She's mostly a momma's girl right now. I have to enjoy it while I can, because I know that won't last for long. Josh was watching the girls the other night while I went to bible study. I came home to Lyla screaming at 9 o' clock and he said she had been that way for a while. I picked her up and held her for a couple of minutes and put her in bed and she fell right to sleep. Josh wondered how I did that... I guess she just didn't want to go to bed without seeing her mommy:)

4 months has come and gone way too fast!

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