Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This June we put Tessa into a two week swimming lesson class at ORU. A little background information....Tessa is not much for baths... she HATES getting her hair wet, pretty much screams the whole bath. Needless to say, we don't enjoy bathing our child. So...we weren't so sure how swimming lessons was going to go. Day one was not so great. Tessa had 4 other friends in her class and 2 teachers. Pretty much all of the kids in her class and the younger class right next to her were screaming the whole hour. Tessa actually wasn't that bad, but I didn't feel like she was going to learn anything in that kind of environment. My 2 friends, Jessica, Tricia, and I were all about ready to pull our kids out, but we decided to hang in there to see if it got better. I'm so glad we waited, because it ended up really helping Tessa get used to the water and not be afraid of getting wet. She learned to float on her back, with help, jump off the diving board, kick, blow bubbles and had a great time! Now when we take her swimming, she wears her floaties and I feel pretty confident in her to be on her own as long as I'm watching. She is all over the pool swimming around and the best part of all is bath time is no longer an issue!

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