Monday, July 19, 2010

Tessa turns three!

For Tessa's birthday this year, we decided to have a joint birthday party with her best friend up the street, Parker. Their birthdays are only a week apart and we have the same friends that we wanted to invite. The party was across the street from our house at the splash park. It was fun for the kids, but very hot!!! I think next year, we're going to have to find a cooler place for a summer party! Lots of friends came and Nana and Aunt Sissy, Jack and Trevor were there too.

Tessa got so many new things for her 3rd birthday that she has loved playing with! She got a new princess bike with training wheels from Nana and Poppy. She got an art easel from Mimi and PaPa. She got a princess cash register from Sissy, Jack, and Trevor. She got Legos from her great grandparents. And college money from Noni and Poppa. We gave her an aquadoodle, a my little pony carousel, Tinkerbell, Toy Story, and Strawberry Shortcake Movies, and a new snap and style doll.

Tessa had a fun day on her actual birthday. We went swimming, went out for lunch and then made cupcakes with sprinkles for that night. It was a fun day!

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