Thursday, August 12, 2010

All night long!

After 4 1/2 months, Lyla finally made it through the night without waking up! She has always been a really light sleeper and woken up several times a night wanting to be comforted back to sleep. After my sister's advice and encouragement, I decided to let her cry each night for up to an hour every time she woke up. She never quite made it to an hour, but she came close a couple of times. It was so hard to listen to her cry, but I knew that was the only way to get her to sleep better. Each night got better and better and by the 5th night, she started sleeeping on her tummy and made it through with only one small wake up. By night 7 she slept perfectly all night long! It's such a relief to have your baby sleeping all's right up there with potty training!


Tessa LOVES to play with daddy. The second he walks in the door Tessa shouts "DADDY" and it's non stop for the rest of the evening. They are SO loud together....sometimes a little too loud!:) Josh asks me if Tessa is like this all day, and she's not. Thankfully, she's a lot more calm when it's just me around otherwise I don't think Lyla would get any sleep during the day:) I'm glad they have so much fun together...Tessa loves her daddy!

Lyla's first food....

At Lyla's 4 month check up, Dr. Raley told me to go ahead and introduce solids whenever we were ready. I was definitely not in any hurry to start baby food, but I thought maybe it would help her sleep better at night if we filled her tummy up more. We decided to start with oatmeal mixed with baby milk. The first couple of times I gave it to her, she gave me a look like ... "What is this you're putting in my mouth!?!" It was super messy...she pretty much spit it all right back at me. I had to keep the spoon in her mouth in order for her to learn to swallow it. Now, she has it every day after her afternoon nap and seems to really like it. I'll probably wait a few more weeks before we start trying fruits and vegetables.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Play Play Play!

Lyla is at such a fun age! She loves to lay on the ground with toys all around her and play. She rolls all over the blanket and plays with her different toys. She also loves to play in her bouncy chair....she'll have fun for 30 minutes or more sometimes! The excersaucer is another toy she'll stay in forever! I usually put her in this while I get ready in the mornings. She still likes her playmat but now that she's rolling she runs into the sides of it which frustrates her.

I remember this age with Tessa... It's so fun when they gain a little independence and start wanting to play with toys!

Drooly Baby!

Why is it that I have the drooliest babies? Tessa soaked through at least 10 bibs a day for I don't know how many months and now Lyla is following in her sister's footsteps. People always say oh she must be teething, but I don't know. Tessa didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months and the drooling began around 4 months. We'll see with Lyla. She is definitely a drooler!

Trip to the Aquarium

After living in Tulsa almost 3 years, we finally made it the Oklahoma Aquarium! Tessa had fun running around looking at all of the different exhibits. Her favorites were the jellyfish and she also liked the shark tunnel. We went on a Friday which was not the best day to was packed. We went again the next Tuesday with a few friends and it was so much better. The kids ran from one tank to the next without worrying about losing track of them. The kids had fun and wore themselves out and us moms got an escape from the heat!