Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tessa's first day of school

This is Tessa's second year to go to our church's preschool. She absolutely LOVES school! She has two new teachers this year...Ms. Tonya and Ms. Belinda. They both seem really sweet and I know it's going to be a great year! Tessa is the youngest child in her class, but you would never know it. She's a busy bee...loves to play and has always been ready to learn new things. Having a late June birthday, she's always going to be one of the younger ones, so it's probably good for her.

Only one friend from her class last year is in her class this year...Macie Drue, so she's going to get to make some new friends this year! Her best buddy down the street, Parker, is in her class as well as a new friend from her ballet class named Hadley. There are also a couple of friends from her Sunday School class that she will get to know better and a little boy named Greg who we have played with a few times.

I'm so happy that Tessa loves school! It makes it so easy to drop her off and leave her for a few hours knowing that she's going to have a fun time with her friends. She asks me "Are you going to leave me" and unlike most kids, she really does want me to leave her:)

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