Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Pictures


Our friend, Candice, did our family pictures at Woodward Park and Utica Square. Woodward is a beautiful park and the trees were colored perfect for fall and Utica Square is Josh and my favorite place to go to walk around and shop. It was a bit challenging to get good pictures between a newborn and a a preschooler. The girls smile great when we're behind the camera making faces and noises, but it's hard when we are in the pictures. All in all, I think they turned out really well!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Tessa making silly poses

Hudson, Chandler, Max, Parker, Lyla, and Tessa

For Halloween this year, Tessa and I made halloween pumpkin cookies. We rolled out sugar cookie dough and then iced them with orange frosting and halloween sprinkles. That night, Tessa dressed up as a fairy and Lyla was a little pumpkin. We went trick r' treating with the Sezates and the Studdards around our neighborhood. We made it to about 25 houses and then Tessa was ready to go home. She really enjoyed it, but I think she was tired from our long weekend of being out of town. She got lots of yummy candy and was very sweet to share it with mommy!

Silver Dollar City

We took a family trip to Branson just like we have done for the past 3 years. We decided this year that Tessa was probably old enough to enjoy Silver Dollar City. We went on Friday morning and it was SO cold! We were pretty bundled up, but didn't even warm up until mid afternoon. It was a fun day. Tessa's favorite part was the big ball area where you can shoot balls through these mechanical contraptions and push balls up a levee. She could have spent all day in that area. We also rode a few rides. The tea cups and the elephants, she liked. The roller coaster and the boats, she was not as fond of. Those were the only 4 rides really for her age group. Lyla did well and stayed in the stroller trying to keep warm most of the day. The rest of our trip was fun. We went to the outlet malls, got to hang out with my grandparents one of the days, and ate out a lot. It was a nice getaway!

Pumpkin Patch

PaPa and Tessa riding the camel together

Mimi and PaPa were in town and went to Carmichael's with us

Nana and Tessa at Pumkintown

I think our favorite thing to do as a family each year is to visit the pumpkin patch during the fall. Tessa has so much fun running around, we get great pictures, and it's so nice to be out with the weather getting cooler! This year we went to both Pumpkintown and Carmichael's. We have always visited Pumpkintown and Tessa really likes playing in all of th playhouses, sliding on the slide, and riding the ponies. At Carmichael's she climbed on pumpkins, went through a maze, fed a lot of farm animals, rode the ponies, and even rode on a camel with PaPa. We had a lot of fun at both and can't wait until next year to watch Lyla run around and play too!

Jenks Dance Homecoming Parade

Tessa and I got to ride in the homecoming parade for Jenks High School this year with her dance class. She had fun getting to wave and blow bubbles to the crowd:)

New Milestones!

One of many hugs from Tessa

Lyla loves to smle!

Playing with Tessa's big girl toys

Starting to sit really well

Lyla is growing WAY too fast! She has hit several milestones in the past couple of months. She is a bit ahead of Tessa on most things so far. Lyla started sitting at five months....Tessa at six. Lyla started crawling at 7 months....Tessa at 8. Lyla really didn't ever rock or crawl backwards like Tessa did. She just started crawling right when she was able to get up on all fours. She had a couple of weeks with some falls, but by 7 months, she was crawling all over the place and she's getting faster everyday. It's so cute to see her following behind me and peeking her head around the kitchen cabinets to see what I'm up to:)

Around 7 months she first said MaMa, but once she learned Da about a week later, all I hear is Da Da Da Da. I think she's forgotten she knows how to say Ma. I try to practice with her, but she just smiles and says Da:)

The last major thing that has happened are Lyla's two bottom teeth. She first started getting them right at 7 months....Tessa didn't get her first tooth until 11 months. They didn't really cause Lyla any troubles which is good....just more drool, but we're used to that!

Now, Lyla is almost 8 months old and is such a sweet baby. She takes 2 good naps a day and usually goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 7:30 with a couple of cries in between. She loves to play with Tessa and watch her Praise Baby DVD's!