Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Texas

( Horrible picture of me, but the only one we got as a family)

Lyla loving on Nana and Sasha
Tessa and Lyla with their great Grandma

Jack and Tessa with Poppa

/ Where's Trevor?

All year long we planned to make a trip to San Antonio for Christmas. The closer it got, the more we realized what a hard trip that was going to be for the girls, (and us.) Lyla is right up there with the worst ever traveler! We decided to meet dad half way in Dallas and celebrate there and that we would see Mimi and Papa another time. Our first night we did Christmas with Mom, John, and my grandparents. Tessa and Lyla got a mermaid pony castle, legos, a learning laptop, color wonder, a couple of movies, a pbk chair, and a busy ball popper. The next night we met up with Dad at Stacy's house. Jack gave Tessa a writing toy and Poppa got the girls a da do ta doo, books, a cash register, a baby doll, and college $ for their college funds. We had a fun visit! We went to Costco, the mall, the park, and did lots of playing at Sissy's house.

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