Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lyla at 9 months...

Lyla loves to share snacks with you!

Lyla had her 9 month check up last week. Her stats are 86% head circumference, 56% length, and 24% weight. Tessa was a much bigger baby. She always was off the charts for her head, her length was always above 95%, and her weight was always in the 80th %.

Lyla is crawling all over the place, but not really getting into things she's not supposed to. She is definitely very manageable and stays in one area at a time. She always like to stay nearby Mommy. She is also pulling up, but not really starting to cruise around just yet. I'm not ready for her to walk yet, so I am not encouraging it at all. She loves to play with Tessa and be in the playroom. Her favorite toys are her activity table and these squeaky blocks. She got a new baby kitchen for Christmas and she has a lot of fun with that as well.

She isn't the greatest eater. It's really hard to feed her baby food at times....she is a total wiggler. I know because Nana always loves to feed her grand babies their baby food and she never volunteers to feed Lyla when we're together:) I had to sell our old high chair and get a new one because she had already learned to stand up in hers. When she does eat, her favorite foods are yogurt with fruit, apples and chicken, and carrots.
She's such a sweet baby most of the time...very smiley and happy...but she is already starting to develop a bit of an attitude. We might be in trouble! She already screams when you take things away from her...does it happen this early?!?

She's a great sleeper most of the time. She sleeps 12 hours at night and takes 2 naps totalling 3-4 hours during the day.

Lyla seems to be somewhat quiet. She still saying ma, da, ba, and other syllables as well as an occasional squeal, but doesn't seem to talk all that much. Her newest thing is to sit on her knees and jump up and down swinging her arms in circles. It's so cute!

Lyla, we couldn't our lives without you. You are so precious and so much fun to watch grow up and discover the world around you.

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