Thursday, December 9, 2010


For Thanksgiving we headed down to Grand Prairie and stayed at Nana and Poppy's house. We had a fun time! As always, Mom does Thanksgiving up really big and fancy. Everything has to be just perfect! Stacy and I are wondering who is going to take over one day. We've both been spoiled and not had to do hardly anything to prepare for any holiday meals... Thanksgiving Day, Grandma and Grandpa, My aunt and uncle, cousins Mike and Chris with his wife and 2 little girls, and Stacy, Russell, and the boys came over. We had a full house!

My favorite part of our trip was Black Friday shopping with my mom and sister. We set our alarms for 2:45, but my mom was up at 1 in anticipation and I was up at 2 shopping on Amazon and We left the house at 3:15 and headed to wait in line at Target for the 4 am opening. I got a few toys for Tessa, a stick vac, some dvd's, and a camera. Next stop was Toys r us and then off to Macy's and Gap. We were home and ready to crawl back into bed by 7 am. Luckily Josh agreed to take the girls over to hang out with Russell and the boys so that I could get some rest....I needed it!

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