Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Happy Father's Day to the greatest daddy! Our little girls are so blessed and love their daddy SO much. Both girls light up every time they hear the door lock click each evening when daddy comes home. They both say Daddy or Da Da as they get to the door as quickly as they can. Daddy plays so many fun games with them... kissy kissy; hide and seek; peek a boo; house; restaurant... Daddy lets them have lots of foods that Mommy tends not to like powdered donuts, chips, candy, coke, and crackers for breakfast. Daddy loves his girls and is such a hard working daddy so that mommy is able to stay home with the girls each day. We love Daddy with all our heart and don't know what we would do without him! Happy Father's Day:)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Princess Camp

Tessa just finished up one week of princess camp. Olivia, Hadley, Reagan, and Halle from her dance class as well as a couple of Tessa's friends from church, Elle and Payton, were in her group. I was a little worried Tessa wouldn't love it because she was really ready for tap and ballet to be over last spring. I signed her up hoping she would want to go and I am SO glad I did! She had a total blast and couldn't quit talking about it all week. Each day they dressed up in princess dresses and a fun filled couple of hours playing dress up, doing dances, making princess crafts, and reading stories. On Friday they had a tea party with a "real" princess... at least the little girls thought so:) Tessa asked me everyday "Is today the day with the princess?" She couldn't wait for Friday to come! Belle was the princess that came to their tea party. She answered all kinds of questions that the girls asked, she read them a cute story, and sang them a pretty song. Tessa was a little star struck and was nervous to get near her. All in all it was a great time and now I have a little girl slightly obsessed with princesses!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lyla's words at 14 months and more...

2 of her favorite blankies

one of Lyla's cool tricks as Tessa calls them

mama, dada, papa, no no, mimi, nana...

ball~ means ball or balloon (she's quite obsessed with these!)

je~ yes


na na ~ I want
babble~ apple
nana~ banana
gank ye~ thank you
oh oh~ uh oh
yeez~ cheeze
deta~ Tessa

She recognizes a whole lot of other words, but as for saying them this is all I can think of for now....I'm sure there are others that I forgot...I will add them on when I hear her say them. Her most used is Na Na.... she constantly is wanting something and she points to it saying na na:) Lyla's favorite thing to do is mwa...give kisses... She always leans in and makes the mwa sound... it's the cutes thing ever! She also adores her three crochet blankies. She has to have at least one with her most all of the time and she sleeps with all three... they are her babies!

Lyla's walking!!

Lyla took her first steps at 12 1/2 months. I thought for sure at that time, she would be walking within the next couple of weeks. It wasn't just one or two steps... we have on video 12 steps in a row. The next day, she was right back to crawling. Then she adapted to a new form of crawl... Scooting like a monkey became her crawl. She realized she could get around pretty quickly that way and so she spent the next 2 months scooting everywhere like a monkey. During our trip to San Antonio, she really started to try her luck at walking again and the day after we got home she was officially walking! At 14 1/2 months old Lyla walks! She is such a cute tiny and petite. She almost always has one of her 3 blankies in her hand when she cruises around the house... She LOVES her crochet blankies to pieces, but that's a whole other story!!

trip to san antonio!

It had been SO long since our last trip to San Antonio. Lyla has never been the greatest traveler and so that was our excuse. Finally we decided to break down and go. We chose to fly over driving because a 9 hour car trip with Lyla would have been a disaster! Flying was ok the first leg, but the second resulted in a major meltdown during take off and there wasn't much I could do because I had to stay in my seat. Lyla prefers to be held standing up, but that just wasn't an option. She screamed for about 10 minutes and then we were able to turn baby einstein on and she was fine. Tessa did great and can't wait to fly again in July!

We did so many fun things in San Antonio. We got to spend a lot of quality time with Noni and Poppa and Mimi and Pa Pa. The girls loved getting to spend so much time with them :) We spent Memorial Day at the pool which was fun to get see a lot of family friends. We also went to Kiddie park which I used to go to when I was little. Tessa had a blast riding all of the rides. Lyla only got to ride the carousel, but had fun digging in the dirt... she was filthy when we left! Josh and I got to go on a yummy date to Paesano's and shopping at La Cantera and Tessa got to go to her second cousin Abby's birthday party.

Aside from seeing family, our favorite was probably Sea World...we totally loved it! Lyla spent the day with Mimi and so just the three of us went. They have an awesome new sesame street kid's area with lots of neat rides and a great big splash park/playground. All of the shows were really fun too! One of our favorite parts was petting the dolphins. They came really close to us and one even spit water in Tessa's face! The sea lions were really funny to watch too and Tessa loved watching Daddy feed the birds! Sea World was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back!

We had such a fun family trip home and we can't wait for our next trip home!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ballet Recital

For the past year Tessa has taken tap and ballet. She met a lot of sweet friends in her class, a lot of which she will be at Jenks West with. Her ballet recital was so cute.. There was a girl standing on her number in the first performance so they were a little crunched, luckily she didn't freak out and tell the girl to move! She danced well and did a lot more of the moves than I thought she would. She was so excited to wear her pretty costume and she truly felt like the best ballerina that day... it was so cute:) The best part for Tessa was the trophy she got at the end... She was so proud of herself and we were too:)!

Mother's Day Tea

Tessa had a Mother's Day Tea at her school. She had been singing these sweet songs for me for the past couple of weeks. Tessa loves to sing and she was so excited about her big performance! this is o one of them... (to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star) sometimes mom says don't do this, Sometimes mom says don't do that, still she loves me that I know, why b/c she tells me so, sometimes mom says let's do this, sometimes mom says kiss kiss! Her performance was classic Tessa... and Parker too:) Tessa was so into her singing that she didn't realize she lifted her dress up all the way... thank you to Christy who was sitting right near her for pulling it down! Parker wasn't feeling well and Kara and I laughed so hard at the faces he was making through the entire performance. My video was so shakey because I was laughing so hard. Tessa did such a great job and she was so cute! It was such a sweet Mother's Day gift:)

Lyla's first birthday!

Lyla had a fun filled birthday week... we started off with Jack, Trevor, and Drew coming for a visit with Aunt Sissy and Nana. We had a fun, but crazy week! Lyla had her party on her actual birthday, March 17th. We had lots of friends over and celebrated Lyla's big day. She really had no clue what was going on, but she did enjoy her cake:)! She didn't get quite as into as Tessa, but she definitely liked it! Lyla is such a smiley baby. She loves to be held and is not very independent. It makes it difficult at times, but I know she won't depend on me for long so I try to cherish this time. She loves her milk and LOVES to be outside! She isn't walking yet, but it doesn't seem like it will be long because she has taken some steps....( little do I know:)!) She hates to be told no... she gives you a really sad face and then cries 5 seconds later. Her favorite word is Da da, but she also says ma ma and ball. She is obsessed with baby einstein and animals. She is my precious baby girl and I can't imagine the last year without her! Happy first birthday sweet girl:)