Friday, June 17, 2011

Lyla's words at 14 months and more...

2 of her favorite blankies

one of Lyla's cool tricks as Tessa calls them

mama, dada, papa, no no, mimi, nana...

ball~ means ball or balloon (she's quite obsessed with these!)

je~ yes


na na ~ I want
babble~ apple
nana~ banana
gank ye~ thank you
oh oh~ uh oh
yeez~ cheeze
deta~ Tessa

She recognizes a whole lot of other words, but as for saying them this is all I can think of for now....I'm sure there are others that I forgot...I will add them on when I hear her say them. Her most used is Na Na.... she constantly is wanting something and she points to it saying na na:) Lyla's favorite thing to do is mwa...give kisses... She always leans in and makes the mwa sound... it's the cutes thing ever! She also adores her three crochet blankies. She has to have at least one with her most all of the time and she sleeps with all three... they are her babies!

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