Saturday, June 18, 2011

Princess Camp

Tessa just finished up one week of princess camp. Olivia, Hadley, Reagan, and Halle from her dance class as well as a couple of Tessa's friends from church, Elle and Payton, were in her group. I was a little worried Tessa wouldn't love it because she was really ready for tap and ballet to be over last spring. I signed her up hoping she would want to go and I am SO glad I did! She had a total blast and couldn't quit talking about it all week. Each day they dressed up in princess dresses and a fun filled couple of hours playing dress up, doing dances, making princess crafts, and reading stories. On Friday they had a tea party with a "real" princess... at least the little girls thought so:) Tessa asked me everyday "Is today the day with the princess?" She couldn't wait for Friday to come! Belle was the princess that came to their tea party. She answered all kinds of questions that the girls asked, she read them a cute story, and sang them a pretty song. Tessa was a little star struck and was nervous to get near her. All in all it was a great time and now I have a little girl slightly obsessed with princesses!

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