Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Back to it..I hope!

Blogging overwhelmed me because it took up so much time so from here on out I am going to keep the posts short and sweet just sink can have record of what's happening in the Summerlin household.

Violet is now  almost 9 months old... Where has the time gone!?!  She has been a great baby... So easy and laid back.  She was a late roller.  At 5.5months she rolled to her tummy and at 7 months started rolling to her back.  She started babbling at 7 months, sitting at 7.5 months and now she's getting really close to crawling.  Up on all fours, and moving all over, just not actively crawling.  The girls love her and play with her so well.  She sleeps all night and has been for a couple of months.  She is a good eater and is starting to eat finger foods at meals.

Lyla is as spunky as ever!  What a precious little girl she is;). So sweet and cute and full of smiles!  Last night as I was leaving for bible study she said have a great time at your study and asked me for one more hug and one more kiss.  She melts my heart:)!  She loves to sing and dance and is very active!  She has always been so compliant and never one to like to get in trouble.  If you look at her in an upset way, she starts to cry.  I keep waiting for the terrible threes because she skipped the terrible twos Altogether:). She is in ballet class ...more like music class. She's not the most graceful, but has tons of fun!  She loves her school... Carter and Maddie, kaitlyn, and Isabella are her favorite friends at school.  Brynlee, Audrey, and Hudson are good friends too:). She is still a terrible eater and always wants wasert,,,dessert.  She loves milk, apple juice,  lollipops, donuts, Oreos, grapes, chips, nala bars and Cheerios.  Classic lyla words for the longest time was cant like it when you offered her something to eat.  Despite her diet,  Lyla is such a joy and I love watching her grow into a little girl:)

Tessa is almost 6 and loving kindergarten!  She is in ms jinks class.  She has a rough class this year, but seems to be learning a lot and doing well.  She is learning to tell time, add and subtract as well as improving her handwriting, and becoming a better reader.  She is reading chapter books with me at night when I'm not totally exhausted and enjoying that.  I'm hoping she likes to read more than I did when I was young!  Tessa's best friend is Olivia.  They are always together and get along great most of the time.  She likes to play american girl doll, the ipad, computer games, and do art.  She is in hip hop tumbling and enjoys dance.   She has tried soccer, bball, ballet, and swimming.  She is a very social little girl and loves to be with friends!  She has grown out of the little stinker phase that she was in during her twos... she has grown into a little girl who wants to do the right thing and is always willing to help.  What a sweet girl she is and I'm so proud on the young lady she is becoming:)

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