Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Violet is 3.5

This little girl is all over the place!  She definitely gives me a run for my money with her moods!  Super sweet one minute and fussing about nothing the next...  I think it must be a third born thing!  She is sweet though..  She goes to preschool and is in Mary and Katrina's class.  She loves guacamole, apples, strawberries, ice cream cones, hot dogs and watermelon..  She moved to a big girl bed at 3.5 although she comes in our room most night..  She sleeps with two blankies, she loves to play with her big sisters and does better with older kids than kids her own age.  She is stubborn at times!  She loves doc McStuffins, shimmer and shine, and Peppa pig.  She loves to carry her bible with her and read books.  She has great fine motor skills and weak gross motor skills.  Cannot get this girl to pedal!  Overall she seems like she will be a quick learner when it comes time for school.  Although she has added an element of difficulty a lot of days, We love her to death
and can't believe she is almost four!  Where did the time go!?.  

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