Friday, February 17, 2017

Disney world 2017

We had such a great trip to Disney world!!  We went in February overt birthday week! Mimi and PawPaw came along and we stayed at shades of green. This was our fourth time to take Tessa and Lyla and Violet's second time.  The girls did so awesome!  They woke at 7 every day and were up until between 9 and 10 at night!  They were wiped by the end of the day but never complained!  We came back each afternoon to 'rest' but not much resting happened!  Swimming and playing outside the patio of our room chasing turkeys and other birds :)  the girls did so great and wanted to ride most everything!  Lyla rode tower of terror, Everest, and Tessa and Lyla both rode space mountain and loved it.  Tessa sat TT and Everest out as she rode them last trip and didn't care for them. Lyla didn't complain, but didn't love tower of terror and said Everest was pretty intense! I would have to agree:)  Violet wanted to get on every ride but her height held her back a bit.  She did however love the mine train and thunder Mtn railroad.  She rode all she could and had so much fun!  We met a lot of characters and ate yummy food.  Some of Our favorites were ghiradelli, prime time cafe at Hollywood Studios and be our guest.  The girls got a kick out of the bird at Epcot who snatched Lyla's chicken out of the basket!  As always the girls loved pool time. We swam at the Polynesian and had a few dole whips while there! It was a great vacation and lots of memories were made!!  

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